Minecraft Survival – Why the Multiplayer Version is More Fun!

Minecraft gameThe minecraft survival game is the default mode that players typically play online using MInecraft-dedicated servers that provide support to multiplayers.The mindset for survival must be strong because here, the players assume a specific human character. In doing so, he could experience fatal injuries as well as die from accidents connected to survival activities or deadly encounters with monsters and hostile mobs (mobile entities).

Although there are passive and neutral mobs, Survival players must have awareness that there are aggressor mobile entities naturally hostile to human players.

How to Survive Monsters and Mobs

Minec4aft monsterOn the very first day at the location presented by the starting map accessed by a player, he must work fast in gathering wooden planks, cobblestones and some dirt to use as materials in building a Minecraft house. Time is of the essence because the monsters and hostile mobs appear in the cover of darkness.
While torch light can help ward off, the dangerous elements, one could run out of coal to light up even a single torch. That’s why it’s important to build a shelter in which to seek protection when night time falls.

Still, if a player runs out of time to build a strong structure, digging a deep hole in which to temporarily burrow could suffice as protection.

Vulnerabilities of Minecraft Survival Characters

Survival players can also die of starvation, which makes finding food one the important steps that a character must accomplish on the very first day.

Other important items and objects to look for or generate is a source of coal supply, to use in lighting up torches. Keep in mind that monsters and mobs spawn only in darkness, which is why they come out only at night. Keeping one’s area and and house well lit can discourage monsters from attacking an active Minecraft character.

Opting for a Multiplayer Server

Apparently, Minecraft Survival would be more fun to play if there are other characters moving about in the Starting Location. Accessing a Minecraft multiplayer server via the Internet enables players to come together to work as a group. As opposed to downloading a server file to install in one’s desktop computer, to engage only one or two players.

Most players choose a multiplayer server based on the Survival features offered; from the availability of various Minecraft biomes, to bespoke mobs and variety of interesting quests that make the survival mode even more exciting.