Valorant Coaching: Aiming to Rank Well in Valorant’s Placement Games

Valorant coachingValorant Team by Radiant players focuses on providing a well-structured approach to attaining improvement while helping aspiring players reach the Radiant rank via Internet-based placement games.

Riot Games’ solution for helping problematic players who are unable to unlock the ranked matches that lead toward the Radiant status. The situations have been problematic for many low-rank players.

Previously before Episode 4, unranked players needed to play just 10 games and thereafter qualify to play placement matches. Many players easily work their way toward completing five. However, it became apparent that 10 basic games do not provide the right training ground in preparing players for the gruelling matches of ranked games.

What Riot Games did was to step up the number of games to Level 20.

Coaching Goal diagram The developers believe that through those matches, players would have improved their skills and their game play before going into the competitive PvP battles of the ranked games. In the first round of ranked games, unranked beginners must complete the 5 placement matches to which they are queued. In every ranked round thereafter, ranked players need only to play 3 of the 5 ranked games of the season. Although players can still be ranked even with losses, winning and performing well can get a player ranked for a higher level.

Valorant Rank System

Valorant Agents battle for dear life in 9 ranks, the ninth being the Radiant Level. The eight rank levels start with Iron, being the lowest The succeeding levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Ascendant and Immortal.

All eight of them are made of 3 tiers so technically, each rank name is distinguished by the numbers 1,2 and 3; e.g. Iron 1, Iron 2 and Iron 3. As mentioned earlier, a player’s rank can be influenced by the outcome of a competitive match in which he figured. Winning a battle as a result of mastery of skills and effective decision-making are good reasons why a player goes straight to a higher level than Iron 1,2 and 3. It follows that ranked players that got stuck in Iron level are the ones who still need to improve. If so, they could consider getting a Valorant Radiant coach.

How Do Players Skip Ranks

When a new Episode begins, Valorant players must complete 3 out 5 placement matches. ti rs need to play 5 placement matches to get placed. Playing one placement match after Act 2 or 3 of every new episode will result in rank designation. Unlike in League of Legends where ranks are reset at the start of a new season, Valorant ranks go down only if the player exhibits poor performance in placement matches and calls for a rank drop. A reputable Valorant Coach with Radiant ranking can help players improve by using a structured approach in mentoring players on basic game knowledge, techniques and effective decision-making.